Wednesday, November 13, 2013

First Grade Using Istation

We are so excited about our new Computer Lab on campus! Thanks to the efforts of our new librarian, Mrs. Beck, we have an up and running computer lab! We are blessed to have technology in the classroom, but it is wonderful to have a place to go where there is a full class set of computers, where everyone can be actively engaged with technology at the same time. Where we can all practice a new skill or assessment together. 

With our first visit, everyone learned their login information and how to get set up to their own laptop. Then we all took the starting assessment on Istation. Istation is an awesome literacy program that first assesses each child and then from there...takes the data and provides appropriate practice activities for each child to be challenged, at their level. We wouldn't be able to partake in such a great enrichment practice, as Istation, without the help of our wonderful P.T.A. Thank you P.T.A., this was a great investment!

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